Kevin Quisquater

iOS Developer in Barcelona

Next availability for freelancing

I am currently working on a short-term contracting project ending in the next few days, available to discuss projects that would start around that time. Feel free to get in touch!

Last updated: September 26th


I've been developing iOS apps for 3+ years. Before that, I worked at Google Cloud Platform, Pangea Reality (Deloitte), Yoobic and I co-founded SmileHunter.

I am also a solopreneur in charge of the development, the design and the marketing of several apps on the App Store.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and here's my email. I speak French and Spanish.

Apps Portfolio


Lokas is the first app I ever created, and I have been working on it since 2015. It allows users to learn Spanish vocabulary & conjugation in record time, using a spaced-repetition algorithm.


Swift, Firebase, Animations, In-App Purchases, Push Notifications.

Super Habit

Super Habit is a brand new app I built to track daily habits. It shows your progress on a yearly calendar and computes your current and longest streaks.

In the Press

#2 Product of the Day on ProductHunt with 500+ upvotes.


Swift, Calendar and Dates, Archiving, In-App Purchases.


I built Memy in a few days in 2017, in order to add an app my portfolio and look for my first developer job in Barcelona.
It lets users learn texts by heart, by gradually hiding words. The idea came to me from a primary teacher that used to teach us poems that way.

In the Press

Memy was featured by AppAdvice in 2018, which generated 20,000 downloads in 2 days.


Swift, Archiving.

Stupid Bros

Stupid Bros is an endless race game in which users need to control two characters at the same time. I built the game to learn about SpriteKit, Apple's technology for games.


Swift, SpriteKit, GameCenter.