Kevin Quisquater

Founder at Cosmic Taps, a small team crafting awesome iOS apps.
8+ millions downloads and counting!
Currently based in Barcelona 🇪🇸


I've been developing iOS apps since 2015, and am now the founder of Cosmic Taps. We invent, design and develop apps for iPhone & iPad.

Before learning to code and going indie, I worked at Google Cloud Platform, Pangea Reality (now Deloitte), Yoobic and I co-founded SmileHunter.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!


I am not available for freelancing anymore but have a few friends who are great iOS developers. Feel free to send me information about your project and I will put you in touch.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and here's my email. You can also write in French or Spanish.

Apps Portfolio

Super Habit

Super Habit helps you build and track healthy habits. It shows your progress on a yearly calendar and computes your current and longest streaks.

In the Press

#2 Product of the Day on ProductHunt with 500+ upvotes.


MemoCoach helps you learn texts by heart, by gradually hiding words or sentences. Ideal for actors, comedians and public speakers.

Verb Dojo

Verb Dojo teaches you verbs conjugation in French & Spanish, using a spaced-repetition algorithm.


Metronome++ is a super simple one-page metronome, where every feature is accessible in just one click.

Retired apps


Lokas was the first app I ever created, in 2015. It allowed users to learn Spanish vocabulary & conjugation in record time, using a spaced-repetition algorithm.

2019 Update

I removed Lokas from the App Store and launched Verb Dojo, focused on learning verbs conjugation.

Stupid Bros

Stupid Bros was an endless race game in which users controlled two characters at the same time. I built the game to learn about SpriteKit, Apple's technology for games.


Swift, SpriteKit, GameCenter.